About Us

Welcome to nik’s photography.

Myself Nikhil, I’m Engineer turned Photographer based in Pune. In 2012, I began my photography without knowing a single thing how to turn it on. I realized photography is not just a hobby for me it is actual a way of life for me.

This hobby turned into my passion, which made me today a Candid Photographer. Initially I started clicking with my mobile camera, which was my first step. Then slowly I started focusing more on it. Hence my journey started to develop my skills to how to operate a DSLR camera, reading photography magazines & blogs. Now I have my own DSLR with whom I travel extensively to inspire myself to click & learn new lessons in the field of photography. I have won few prizes in photography competition and few photos were selected and showcased in reputed photography exhibition in Pune.

I have worked for 7 years in a reputed manufacturing company as a Purchase Engineer in Pune. In 2014; I quit my job to live to my passion at last. To add to this I completed a photography course from Bharati Vidyapeeth School for Photography in 2013. Since 2 years, my friends, families and followers of Nik’s Photography are appreciated my work. These people are backbone of Nik’s Photography, which makes me a passionate photographer.

“ Me , My Camera & My Passion is what makes Nik’s Photography. “

“My passion, your memories – let’s work together.”